What do the experts say

“Detoxification can radically transform your health and it’s necessary for the same reason it’s necessary to clean your house and shower as often as you chose to do, but you need to do it at some point”

DR. Alexander Junger, medical doctor and author of “Clean”

„I am often asked if eating a fruit or vegetable is just as healthy for you as making a green drink. Of course eating fruits and vegetables (a nice apple or carrot) would provide nutrients, but we could never eat enough in a day to get all we need or chew the fruits and vegetables well anough to extract all the nutrients before it passed through our body. I found nothing is as beneficial as a green drink.. It can pack more nutrients in one drink than we can consume in a plate of salad.“

Mimi Kirk, author of Live Raw, was voted PETA's sexiest vegetarian over 50. She's currently 73.

„In any event, fresh raw vegetables juices are most necessary as a supplement to every kind of diet, even when no special diet is followed and the individual eats anything and everything he pleases.“

Dr. N.W. Norman, recognised throughout the world as one of the most authoritative students of life, health and nutrition

„Think of your juices as supplements and as medicines. And when you doing a cleanse think of them as your meals.“

Steve Meyerowitz, author of Juice Fasting &Detoxification