All cleanses contain six bottles of 100% organic, raw (unpasteurized), cold-pressed juice from fresh vegetables and fruits designed for maximum detox effect.

Max Juices offers 1, 3 and 5 days detox programs with three different levels of intensity: Beginner, Intemediate, Intense.

Which cleanse should I pick?

The main difference in cleanse ‘levels’ is the number of green juices versus fruit juices you receive each day. If you’ve never cleansed before, we recommend you to start with Beginner Cleanse, and ‘graduate’ through the levels.

If you are sensitive to sugar, or looking for our most alkaline cleanse, choose Intense Cleanse, which is mostly green juices. Look over the options below to decide which level is right for you.

What & When

You will receive six 500 ml bottles of juice per day. For 3 day cleanses, you will receive your first 3 days worth of juice in your first delivery. If you order a 5 day cleanse, you will receive a second delivery on day three with the final two days worth of juice.

In the cart you can select date and frenquency of your delivery.

Any doubt? Drop us an email